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Prague, Czech Republic • February 27, 2020

Imagine safer, more productive manufacturing


Learn how to make your business more profitable, resilient and secure

Join our one-day event on 27 February to learn how you can improve your industrial cyber security, reduce downtime and cut the risk of obsolescence of your manufacturing assets.

You will also discover how diagnostic information from your facility's safety system can help you increase productivity, and you'll learn how to reduce waste in maintenance operations.

Plus, join us the evening beforehand at 6pm for the chance to enjoy a delicious meal and network with leading minds at Rockwell Automation.


February 27, 2020


9:30 A.M. – 3:30 P.M.Central European Time


Prague, Czech Republic

Solve your key industry challenges

Speak to our specialists about the issues you're facing

With a full portfolio of services to help your business run more effectively and securely, our specialists will be on hand to show you how to fully utilise the assets and resources at your disposal, in order to solve your manufacturing challenges.

Join us for the day to discover and find the answer to making your business safer and more profitable.


The event takes place on 27 February. You are welcome to join us the evening before (18:00 h). We have planned not only a delicious dinner, but also an opportunity for discussion and meeting with Rockwell Automation experts. Don't miss out!

9:30 — Welcome and registration

10:00 — Introduction

10:05 — Industrial cyber security

11:00 — Threats of manufacturing assets obsolescence

11:30 — Lunch

13:00 — Eliminating waste in maintenance operations

13:30 — Reducing downtimes by spare parts management optimisation

14:00 — Coffee break

14:20 — Increase productivity with diagnostic information from the safety system

15:00 — Discussion, Networking

15:30 — End of the event


Rockwell Automation

Art Building, Argentinska 4
Prague 7
Czech Republic

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