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The oil and gas industry is dynamic. New technologies arise that allow companies to modernize operations and new discoveries are made that enable exploration of increasingly remote and inhospitable terrain. Employing experienced staff with a history of the industry and specialized skills is crucial to maintain smooth operations. However, as the existing workforce transitions out, we must find ways to address the skills gap that is created. We can help you overcome this challenge with our deep and varied selection of services. We provide industrial training, remote services capabilities, a global network of support locations, and partners in every corner of the world.

How Can You Reduce the Skills Gap?

Defining Machinery Value Beyond Cost

Your company is under continual pressure to perform, yet you face unprecedented shortages in skilled labor. Many of your experienced employees will soon retire and take their industry knowledge and skills with them. The pool of talent continues to drain fast. Soon, there will not be enough experienced people for the work that must be done. How will you manage?

Remote Operation with Integrated Solution

Production Station Achieves Unmanned Site with Environmental Footprint

The operational philosophy for the Pohokura production facility was to establish an unmanned site with zero normal operating presence (ZNOP). Plant operation would be performed off-site from a remote control room using a distributed control system (DCS). Remote operation is an ideal way to help keep personnel safe and away from potentially hazardous equipment. Its operational success relies on excellent control, fault diagnostics and network capabilities.

Scalable Technology and Services Options

Consulting, services and technology can help you manage the challenges that arise from a skills gaps. Our services include:

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