Drilling Automation

Control and Safety Systems for Automated Drilling Rigs and Ships

We provide a broad portfolio of technology and solutions to optimize drilling automation.

Improve Safety, Reliability, and Efficiency

Drilling Automation Solutions for Your Company

Drilling is considered a lead indicator of industry health. Whether exploring, developing new fields, or maintaining production levels, drilling is at the center of oil and gas operations. Efficiency and safety of drilling operations is paramount, which helps explain the focus on them today given current market conditions. Our Drilling Automation Systems help companies improve accuracy, reduce cost, increase uptime, and help provide safety.

We offer a wide range of proven, robust drilling rig and drillship automation and control solutions that have been implemented globally, and include:

Products and Capabilities

Integrated Automation and Safety for Accurate and Reliable Operations

Our portfolio of products and services provides drilling rigs and ships with integrated high performance controls and reliable safety systems. Our offering includes automation controllers, intelligent motor controls, process safety and visualization for a complete drilling automation solution.

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