Liquefied Natural Gas

Systems for Agile Operations and Compliance with Regulatory Frameworks

Tight controls are required for liquefied natural gas (LNG) liquefaction, regasification, and shipping/receiving. It is crucial to maintain a safe working environment, minimize downtime, and manage operational costs. To achieve these goals, your automation systems must meet stringent process control requirements, and also be reliable and scalable.

Safety, Efficiency, and Maximum Uptime

Defining Machinery Value Beyond Cost

While LNG offers substantial rewards, it also poses significant challenges. Tough environmental and safety regulations mandate constant vigilance. Volatile markets demand agile responses, and dynamic business conditions require operational excellence.

Our integrated systems and services enable smooth data flow at all levels and can offer a complete automation solution. We have proven solutions to help you satisfy demand and maintain a competitive edge. We acknowledge that multiple technologies and devices are required to operate your plant. Our solutions integrate process control, motor control, safety, and information technologies.

Our applications include:

  • Process: Process Safety, Emergency Shutdown (ESD), Pump Control, Turbo Expander Control, Flow Measurement, Generator Control, Fire and Gas, Compressor Control, Process Control
  • Storage: Emergency Shutdown (ESD), Fire and Gas, Pump Control
  • Terminal: Emergency Shutdown, Custody Transfer, Loading/Unload Control, Pump Control, Terminal Automation, Fire and Gas, Terminal Management
  • Distribution: Emergency Shutdown, Custody Transfer, Terminal Automation, Pump Control, Terminal Management, Fire and Gas

Our open systems approach makes it easier to integrate equipment from multiple vendors into a single control system.

Integrated Information, Control, and Power Solutions

Integrated Systems for Safe, Optimized Operation of LNG Plants

Our PlantPAx® modern DCS solution is integrated with our Intelligent Motor Control to help you meet plant performance requirements.

Our process control solutions can help you increase profitability in areas like:

  • Operational safety
  • Cost of maintenance
  • Reduced fuel/power usage
  • Environmental regulations
  • Optimal separation of fractionated products

Efficient and Safe Liquefaction Operations

We have helped customers all over the world run profitable and safe operations with our integrated control and safety systems.

Our solutions are ideal for a wide range of applications, including:

  • Metering and measurement
  • Fire and gas systems
  • Burner management systems (BMS)
  • High integrity pressure protection systems
  • Process improvement and advanced process control
  • Pump, compressor, turbomachinery control and condition monitoring
  • Process safety, including emergency shutdown systems and safety instrumented systems SIL levels

Products and Capabilities

Achieve Operational Excellence with a Wide Portfolio of Solutions

Our portfolio of products and services provides you with solutions from simple controls to fully integrated systems. It provides automation, motor control, process safety, and visualization. By using disruptive technologies, our solutions help take you from data to information to action. This technology drives a safer and more efficient operation with secure remote access.

How May We Help You?

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