Oilfield Automation

Integrated Control, Power, and Information for Operational Excellence

We offer market-leading solutions and technologies for drilling automation and drill rig applications.

Integrated Oilfield Automation Solutions

We supply integrated oilfield automation and SCADA solutions for process control, motor control, safety and asset management in various applications to improve operations. These solutions include:

  • Oil and natural gas liquids (NGL) production facilities
    • Process control systems
    • Separator and dehydration controls
    • Safety systems, BMS, F&G
    • Acid gas and sulfur unit controls
    • Pump and compressor unit controls
    • LACT control and metering systems
    • Vapor recovery systems and blanket gas control
  • Process stabilizing facilities
  • Steam generation and injection systems
  • Central tank battery controls
  • Steam-assisted gravity drainage production facilities
  • Oil sands production facilities
  • Pump, compressor, and turbomachinery control
  • Metering stations and measurement systems

Remote Operation with Integrated Solution

Production Station Achieves Unmanned Site with Environmental Footprint

The operational philosophy for the Pohokura production facility was to establish an unmanned site with zero normal operating presence (ZNOP). Plant operation would be performed off-site from a remote control room using a distributed control system (DCS). Remote operation is an ideal way to help keep personnel safe and away from potentially hazardous equipment. Its operational success relies on excellent control, fault diagnostics and network capabilities.

Products and Capabilities

Achieve Operational Excellence with a A Wide Portfolio of Solutions

Our portfolio of products and services provide you with solutions that range from simple controls to fully integrated systems. It provides automation, motor control, process safety and visualization for a complete oilfield automation solution.

How May We Help You?

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